IVF can instigate a new belief for the infertile couples. The procedure when performed by a renowned and experienced doctor like Dr. Robert Koke is bound to yield positive outcomes. In the recent years, there have been breakthrough innovations in the field of IVF. Dr. Robert uses the latest technologies that significantly increase the chances of healthy births.

Precisely, IVF comprises a series of procedures. It initiates with the ovulation induction. Specific drugs to the women will ensure she is not ovulating anymore. The ovulation resumes when the doctor delivers another injection. From here on, the doctor regulates the IVF cycle of the woman.

The next steps involve the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. After these procedures are completed, the artificial fertilization starts. The eggs are preserved in an incubator for at least 3/5 days. After the said period, the fertilized eggs are implanted or transferred to the uterus of the woman undergoing the treatment.

Dr. Robert Koke will clearly explain the pros and cons of the IVF procedure with his patients. The success depends on several factors which the patients must know in advance. Additionally, the renowned surgeon will also tell you about all the fertility drugs that may be necessary during the IVF treatment and their possible side effects. The encouraging news is, the success rates of IVF treatments have witnessed a profound growth. So, couples can consider this treatment as the best option for their infertility for all the right reasons.